TiTTiPORN - Creampie my Thai pussy while you squeeze my huge natural boobs

TiTTiPORN - Creampie my Thai pussy while you squeeze my huge natural boobs
配信日:18年6月13日 / 【素人:ロリ (18歳)(B:巨乳) 】
カテゴリー:カテゴリ モデル 巨乳 外国人 中出し 生ハメ ハメ撮り

Taking a break from the city life, I decided to go down to Koh Samui and check out one of Thailand's most beautiful islands. The place I stayed at was a nice resort with all the amenities a young woman could desire. But upon checking in, one of my bags was missing. When I phoned the front desk to make a report, their general manager came to check out the situation. He was a tall and slim foreigner with short hair who looked to be in his forties. He was very apologetic and said that their staff was looking for the lost bag as we spoke. I told him how important the bag was because it had my intimate clothing in it. This made him smirk and then I realized what I had said and I got all shy.

About 30 minutes later, my bag had arrived and I was so happy. I checked my belongings and they were all intact. 10 minutes after that, I received a phone call from the manager asking if I had received my bag and if everything was fine. I told him everything was good and there was no need to worry it any longer. He then asked if he could bring an apology gift to my room. Flirtatiously I said yes as I wanted to thank him in person. I quickly took out one of my sexy lingerie from my initiate bag and waited for his arrival. When he entered my room, he saw my standing in the sexiest see-through outfit which was such a turn on for him. I think he knew what I had in store for him. I did a little sexy dance and made my way to the sofa and then removed my outfit to reveal my big natural boobs for him to see. The look on his face was priceless as I'm sure he'd never seen anything so big and perfect before. He immediately reached out and cupped both of my boobs and started squeezing them together.

I was so turned on knowing he was turned on that my pussy started to get so wet. We both got naked quickly and I got on all fours and leaned forward and took his nice white cock into my mouth. My mouth was watering as much as my pussy was. I wanted to let him know how thankful I was for finding my lost luggage that I made sure to lick and suck his cock nice and slow. While still in the doggy position, the general manager came around behind me and slid his cock right inside my wet hole. He wasn't wearing a condom, but I didn't mind because I was so hot-n-horny and just wanted to get fucked long and hard. He then lied back on the sofa and I straddled his shiny boner and put it back inside my wet slit. I rode his cock while he fondled my breasts and we kissed with deep passion. This was very initiate sex and everything felt so good and so right. Finally he fucked me in missionary position as I pushed my big breasts together. His thrusts getting stronger and harder and I knew he was going to cum soon. Then without warning his body tensed up and I felt warm squirts of sperm enter my vagina one after another until his balls were empty. His entire load resting inside my pussy as he groaned then released his breath and smiled right into my eyes. It was very erotic and when he pulled out, his sperm poured from my wet pussy all over the sofa. I hope they don't take that cum stain out of my deposit.

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